Download Screeen application

On Apple or Androïd Store.
Print the QR code which will be used the « D » day by your guests to send their live messages.


Your guests send selfies and messages during the event

The messages are shown in live on big screens! Then, all guests could retrieve all messages using the chronological timeline.


Share and download the pictures

Pictures are not sent automatically on social network and kept private.

  • Pictures and messages belong to you

    Screeen is a private network between you and your guests.

    • Pictures and messages are not shared on public social networks.
    • Made in France : developed in Sophia-Antipolis
      +100 mobile projects
      +450 web projects
      +100K users...

Example of a set up for a professional conference

Here are the steps during which you will be accompanied in the development of your professionnal conference.

Enter your code
  • Start by... Create your event

    Enter some simple information such as event name, start date, end date and location ... this information will be presented in the application for Screeen participants.

  • Day-5 Give the event code to your guests

    We'll send you an e-mail with the code that you can distribute, also the QR code with which your guests will scan to connect the event and send messages.

  • Day-1 All guests download the Screeen application.

    You can dowload the free Screeen application on Androïd and Apple store. This application is only some Mo !

  • Day D The guests take pictures and send messages

    Messages and pictures are sent in live (you can also moderate the content in real time) on every kind of screens (big screens, Smart TV, projector...)

  • Up to D-Day+30 Relive the event

    Using the timeline, all guests can view again all the event chronologically. Following to the administration rules, they can download all the pictures on their smartphones.

Nos services

The Screeen solution

Our unique solution allows you to create events by setting up a nice and fun animation for any type of event (evening conference, wedding, etc.)

  • Event connection thrue a QRCode
  • Content moderation in real time
  • Display on big screen, TV, or every kind of connected screens
  • Real time chronological timeline
  • Content hosted on a secured server

Want a specific application?

We can make for you a specific application for your event

  • Specific design
  • Content that fits your needs
  • Dedicated features
  • QRCode usage
  • Quizz
  • Data exportation
  • Quizz results exportation

Screeen : for what ?

Screen is a service that combines high-tech and friendly atmosphere for your events. Here are some application ideas:

  • Concert
  • Spot events, selfies challenges in stadiums
  • Photos-call
  • Profesionnals party or events, incentive, team building, gala, conferences
  • Miss camping
  • Cruise, vacation club
  • eddings, christening, birthday, new year, bar mitzvah
  • Parcs d'attraction
  • Commercial galleries
  • Cinema, theatres, festival
  • Sport events outdoors (on the podium arrived cycling, car rally)
  • Museums
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  • Screeen application

    The application designed for iOS and Androïd offers to guests to retrieve all the event practical informations

    • The application can be customized to your colors dans logo during the event creation.
    • Moderation : from the event owner phone, you can delete or promote some messages and pictures
    • Timeline : retrieve all sent pictures and messages
    • Live : relive all the event messages with fun animations on your phone or all other screens

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make as many pictures and send as many messages we want?

Yes, everything will be backuped during one month following the event, no size limit.

Can we download pictures on your mobile?

Yes, you can download all pictures and share them on social networks, if the event owner allows it!

Are private messages?

Unlike our competitors, messages and photos are private. We do not use the Twitter, Snapchat or any kind of social networking tools.

What about the security?

All messages are sent using HTTPS and our server is secured. Only guests that have received the invitation code are allowed to send messages and access the application features.
A geolocation restriction can also be added in order to limit messages for guests that are inside a specific area around the event.

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